Warmists: Non-Voluntary Investments Required To Solve Hotcoldwetdry Conundrum

Another day, another demand by the Cult of Climastrology. Remember, these are people who somehow believe that mandating companies comply and join in on carbon credit and tax and cap schemes run by government as “free market principles”. Now we see, as written by Mika Anttone, Founder and Chair of Finnish energy company St1 (I wonder if he has a financial stake in pushing this?)

IOS Is The Answer To The Climate-Change Conundrum

During the next 20 years, global demand for energy will grow by approximately 30%. The two main reasons for this are the continuously high population growth rate and the raising of the standard of living in developing countries. Today, about 80% of the world’s primary energy is generated from fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal). Because the known energy investments used to satisfy the global demand for energy will not change the current energy production structure, the CO2 emissions will continue to grow at the same rate as the demand for energy. This is a fact that must be recognized and acknowledged in climate policy so that we can find the correct means to achieve sustainable development.

So, what to do, what to do

The majority of the world’s population — about four billion people — is living on less than five euros a day. In the global economic system, their quest to raise their standard of living cannot be prevented. Instead, we can develop new sustainable means to produce energy so that raising the standard of living of these people is not solely based on the utilization of fossil energy. The work to reduce population growth must be set as a priority for international cooperation. The single most effective measure is to improve the position of women in developing economies.

Funny how Warmists so often promote limiting population in 3rd World nations.

Regarding the production of renewable energy, we must utilize research and development to discover entirely new solutions that enable replacing fossil fuels at a sufficient scale. This goal can be achieved only if the largest companies of the world are fully committed to participate in this work and use their resources in the best possible way. Because adequate levels of research and development efforts cannot be reached voluntarily, an Investment Obligation System (IOS) for renewable energy is required. Global system should be ultimate goal, but realistically, an area like the EU could be a reasonable start.

Every company producing or selling fossil energy in the EU has to comply with IOS. In cases where the same fossil energy is sold multiple times in the value chain, IOS applies only to the first company in the chain, thus ensuring actual investments in production capacity. IOS governs companies not Member States. The base level for IOS is the annual average amount of fossil energy to be produced or sold by a company during 2018-2020.

And there it is: a government dominated and run economy to uphold the principles of the Hotcoldwetdry crowd. Some would call this Socialism, and, if we look at the primary tenant of the political model, it would be, especially if the Government also owns much of the means of production. We could call it Communism. Not the political theory type, but the type in practice by many countries, and previous ones like the USSR. How’d that work out, including for real environmental concerns. Many would term this Fascism, with all private entities working for and controlled by government. Regardless, this is all a scheme to increase the power of government, using the manufactured notion of anthropogenic climate change as one of the rationales.

Companies that do not comply will face stiff penalties. The article notes that “The penalty level should be sufficient enough to force the company out of business.” So, not only will Government mandate compliance with all Cult of Climastrology beliefs, but should be driven out of business by government for having the wrong thoughts. Naomi Klein and a few other Warmists have been among the minority in saying that the entire world economic system needs to be changed away from capitalism in order to solve ‘climate change’. More and more are coming forth with their, let’s just refer to them as a command economy, beliefs.

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