Weekly Address: Obama Really Wants Non-Americans To Have Jobs

Of course, these current illegal aliens and potential immigrants (both temporary and permanent) should be careful, because Obama’s job’s policies for actual American citizens have been disasters.

Angry Obama

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Strengthening our Economy by Passing Bipartisan Immigration Reform

Hi, everybody. Two weeks ago, a large bipartisan majority of Senators voted to pass commonsense, comprehensive immigration reform — taking an important step towards fixing our broken immigration system once and for all.

100% of Democrats and only 14 Republicans is not a large bipartisan majority, but, then, we know Obama lives in a separate world from reality. He then goes on to yammer about how the bill was a compromise, no one got everything they wanted (which is why so many Democrats are complaining about the bill…oh, wait, they aren’t. The only complaints come about the border security provisions, which are, at best, really weak), and how our economy will be larger, when calculated in a vacuum. Well, that could happen if Obama resigned and someone who knew what they were doing assumed office.

Here in America, we’ve always been a nation of immigrants. That’s what’s kept our workforce dynamic, our businesses on the cutting edge, and our economy the strongest in the world. But under the current system, too many smart, hardworking immigrants are prevented from contributing to that success.

And under our current president, too many hardworking American citizens are prevented from contributing to that, well, in this economy, we can’t really call it a success, can we?

Immigration reform would make it easier for highly-skilled immigrants and those who study at our colleges and universities to start businesses and create jobs right here in America. Foreign companies would be more likely to invest here. The demand for goods and services would go up — creating more jobs for American workers. Every worker and business would be required to pay their fair share in taxes, reducing our deficit by nearly $850 billion over the next two decades. And since a large portion of those taxes go towards retirement programs that millions of Americans depend on, Social Security would actually get stronger over the long-term — adding two years to the life of the program’s trust fund.

If only it was easier for Americans to start businesses and create jobs, along with obtaining jobs, right here in America. But Obama/Democrat policies do everything they can to prevent that. Well, unless you want a low paying part time job, which seems to be the way the economy is headed. Why is Obama so gung ho to provide jobs for non-Americans, especially those who broke our immigration laws and either came illegally or blew off their visa requirements? Foreign companies will invest, regardless, but only based upon their ability to reap a profit. That’s hard in the Obamaeconomy, but has little to nothing to do with amnesty.

As far as Social Security, well, no one believes the amnestied illegals will be denied any benefits, meaning more people in the system who barely paid or paid nothing to the system reaping rewards.

This is coupled with a graphic released a few days ago that is absurd. It mentions that the labor force will decrease due to Baby Boomers retiring. Well, our labor force has shrunk due to the poor jobs market, with a historic number of people dropping out in despair. It assumes that wage increase for households will be $0 in 2033, but a couple hundred dollars by adding tens of millions of new workers, which is not the way it works. Of course, many of the things on the graphic could happen, once Obama is out of the way and the US has a competent President who understands the way business works.

But, still, why does an American President want jobs to go to illegals and non-citizens over Americans?

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