5-Year-Old Girl Suspended Over Stick Gun

5-Year-Old Girl Suspended Over Stick Gun

If Trump, Ryan, et al. ever get around to trying again to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare, they should make sure that coverage for hoplophobia is mandated. The disease has reached epidemic proportions among educrats. From North Carolina:

A local mother is outraged after her 5-year-old daughter was suspended from school because of a stick that resembled a gun.

Caitlin Miller returned to school Tuesday after her one-day suspension.

It started Friday when her mother got a call from the principal about a playground incident. Caitlin explained that she and her two friends were using their imaginations, playing “King and Queen.”

The very name of the game is a rebuke to the egalitarian principles taught in public schools, possibly justifying further punishment.

Caitlin was the guard protecting the royals and picked up the gun to imitate shooting an intruder into the kingdom.

Hoke County Schools said Caitlin posed a threat to other students when she made a shooting motion, thus violating policy 4331.

Banning the toy guns that previous generations harmlessly grew up with doesn’t go far enough, because nothing could ever go far enough. The very concept of guns must be eradicated, lest children grow into adults who insist on exercising their right to bear arms.

At least children are learning something important at school — namely, that authorities are often arbitrary, tyrannical, and even insane, and therefore their power must be subject to strict limits.

The forbidden weapon.

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