‘Abolition Of Whiteness’ Course Fulfills Political Science Requirement at College

‘Abolition Of Whiteness’ Course Fulfills Political Science Requirement at College

It’s no secret that, on most college campuses, there is a staggering liberal bias. Given that, it can be hard to shock most people, because by now, most Americans know what to expect. But still, a class being offered at a public university in New York has still managed to get attention… and not the good kind.

At Hunter College in New York, Jennifer Gaboury is offering a class called “Abolition of Whiteness,” which counts as either a women and gender studies course, or a political science course. In the political science department, it fulfills a requirement for “four subfields of political science.” While the course catalog doesn’t shine much light on the content of the course, a flyer distributed on campus does.

According to the flyer, the course examines “how whiteness – and/or white supremacy and violence – is intertwined with conceptions of gender, race, sexuality, class, body ability, nationality, and age.” The course offers three credits.

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As for the professor, Gaboury is the assistant director of Hunter College’s Women and Gender Studies Program, with her focus being “masculinities, feminisms, and politics; she is currently working on a project related to race and sex segregation in public bathroom facilities.”

It would be interesting to discover what would happen if a college offered a course called “Abolition of Blackness” and links it with violence. There would be a national outcry and rightly so — because such a course would be racist. Yet when the course is examining whiteness, linking whiteness with violence and is speaking of “abolishing” whiteness, that’s perfectly fine.

What, exactly, is the goal of such a course? Gaboury has not responded to requests for more information, which only raises more suspicion. Is she literally calling to abolish the white race? And if not, then why the secrecy and silence?

Would you let your child take a class titled “Abolition of Whiteness?”

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