An ‘Unpatriotic’ Photo Leads to a PA School and Police Investigation

An ‘Unpatriotic’ Photo Leads to a PA School and Police Investigation

Teenagers can do a lot of stupid things, which is why we don’t let them run around unsupervised at all times. But a picture from a Pennsylvania school will undoubtedly have people asking why teachers weren’t around to keep this from happening.

unpatriotic photo

A photo showing a Pennsylvania student standing on the American flag while another makes a vulgar gesture is creating a firestorm on social media, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

The photo, which was posted by a former student, has been shared thousands of times, according to the station. It appears to be taken in a classroom and shows a male student standing on the U.S. flag, while a female student flips off the camera and sticks out her tongue.

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A statement on behalf of the Richland School District’s solicitor was posted on Facebook, as well as the district’s website, promising a “timely and thorough” review.

“The Richland School District has become aware of this unfortunate and unpatriotic picture posted by some of its students,” the statement read. “This type of picture does not represent the opinion of the District or of its overall student population.”

Why weren’t there any adults there? Or even more worrying — could it be that a teacher was there, and sanctioned this photo?

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