Caitlyn Jackson, RIP

A day never goes by without the supposedly therapeutic totalitarian Nurse Ratched nanny statism of educrats reaching a new extreme of self-parody. This one will be hard to top:

Several parents and students were upset Monday when Lakeview Middle School barred students from wearing T-shirts honoring a classmate who died Saturday after a long battle with cancer.

Lakeview sixth-grader Caitlyn Jackson, 12, died late Saturday at a hospital in Ann Arbor after fighting leukemia for years. Many in Lakeview had rallied around the girl over that time.

On Monday, at least a dozen students showed up in orange or blue shirts, many bearing Caitlyn’s name. Blue was Caitlyn’s favorite color and orange is the official color honoring leukemia victims (Caitlyn also was a University of Tennessee fan). Some students decorated shirts over the weekend, while others wore shirts they’d picked up at the many fundraisers and other benefits they’d worked in Caitlyn’s honor.

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But, as students arrived in the memorial shirts Monday morning, school administrators asked them to change the shirts, turn them inside out, or put duct tape over Caitlyn’s name. …

Lakeview administrators made the decision Sunday night that they wouldn’t allow T-shirts, but did not notify parents …

Here’s the justification for the ban, according to acting district chief Amy Jones:

Jones said the district’s decision was based on its “crisis management plan,” which she said is “based on a lot of research and expert opinion.” The plan specifically bars “permanent memorials” on the research-backed belief that memorials can remind students of their grief and, for some, can make it worse.

The educrats put their pointy heads together and decided that the t-shirts constituted a permanent memorial.

Jones said the situation was handled “compassionately.” She said, for example, that students who were asked to turn their shirts inside-out were told to keep Caitlyn’s name “close to their heart.”

You can always count on soft tyranny to be compassionate.

At least one student says she received a lunchtime detention over a forbidden shirt. But then, thanks to pushback from enraged parents, the school reversed its ban for the next day.

Push the moonbats and they move. But turn your back and they creep forward again, like increasingly bold rats taking control of your kitchen.

At least the students learned something at school other than how to recycle: namely, that the arbitrary and capricious dictates of liberal fools have no legitimacy, no matter how “compassionate.”


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