Campus Hooligans Demand Memorial to Themselves; Educrats Comply

Fellow travelers of lowlifes who burned down Ferguson businesses to honor a fellow hooligan will be honored themselves as cringing educrats comply with their demand for a permanent memorial:

Saint Louis University has commissioned a sculpture to be erected on campus that administrators say they hope “captures the spirit and importance” of a weeklong “Occupy SLU” protest last fall on the urban campus that decried oppression, racism, racial profiling and police tactics.

For six days in mid-October, community activists refused to leave the St. Louis campus in a protest intended as an extension of the summertime riots that had wracked nearby Ferguson over the police shooting of Michael Brown.

Three social justice groups – Tribe X, the Metro St. Louis Coalition for Inclusion and Equality, and the Black Student Alliance – took over the campus and lived in tents around its clock tower.

Nothing could appeal to liberal educrats more than a properly pigmented cross between Occupy Wall Street commies and Ferguson rioters. Naturally they caved to a long list of imperious demands.

The demonstrators left only after the university agreed to all 13 of their demands, one of which was a “mutually agreed upon commissioned artwork.”

That agreement has now been dubbed the “Clock Tower Accords” by campus leaders of the private, Jesuit university, who recently announced they have “commissioned renowned African American artists and sculptors Kyle and Kelly Phelps to design a sculpture that captures the spirit and importance of the demonstration and encampment at Saint Louis University on October 13-18, 2014.”

Wondering why the cost of a college education is skyrocketing even as its value plummets? Here’s one reason:

The sculpture is one of a handful of the 13 demands that could come at a high price tag for the university. Other major budgetary demands agreed to include the establishment of both a community center and a K-12 bridge program, the appointment of a special assistant to the president for diversity and community engagement, and an increased budget for the university’s African-American studies program.

So that’s why we have African-American studies programs, which are of no use to anyone except parasitical racial extortionists like Al Sharpton.

Other “accord” promises include the establishment of a diversity speaker series, sponsorship of a national conference on racial equality hosted by SLU, and additional college workshops for area students in disadvantaged neighborhoods, among other agreements.

If anyone is disadvantaged, it is students who are there to get an education rather than to wallow in radicalism, and who are forced to pay for this malarkey. Too bad they can’t improve the situation by squatting in tents until the university agrees to stop flushing their tuition money down the toilet.

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