Campus Racists Demand Cash, Threaten “Physical Action”

As civil society decays, groups find it most effective to pursue their objectives at the expense of other groups by force or the threat of force:

Members of the University of Michigan Black Student Union (BSU) are calling for “physical action” against the school if it does not meet their list of seven demands in seven days.

Members of the group spoke after they had been worked into a lather during a speech by anti-American radical Harry Belafonte.

Senior Erick Gavin read the group’s seven demands, which included increasing the BSU budget, establishing housing on school’s central campus “for those of lower-socio-economic status,” and a new multicultural center on campus.

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Other measures included requiring the university to teach the “historical treatment and marginalization of colored groups through race and ethnicity requirements” and the allocation of “emergency scholarships” for black students in need of financial support. The students also want access to all documents inside the Bentley Library so that they can see how the university dealt with race relations in the past and “an increase in black representation on the campus equal to 10 percent.”

All of this should alarm any civilized person, but the thuggery is at its most naked with the “emergency scholarships.” There is a term for threatening violence if people do not give you money: extortion. I believe there may even be laws against it.

So long as this approach keeps working, there is no reason for militant racists to stop using it. The idea of the whites at whose expense their demands will be granted pushing back with similar tactics is absurd; not only would it never happen, society would not tolerate it if it did. But society will tolerate any extreme of bad behavior from the privileged “oppressed.” So they will keep demanding and demanding, until the demand is for the last Caucasian on the faculty to have his pockets turned out before he is tarred, feathered, and sent off campus on a rail.

The threats of violence aren’t even necessary, considering that educrats are on the same page…

On Monday, University President Mary Sue Coleman also laid out plans to boost the minority student body on campus, empower the students that are currently there, and also laid out plans to improve the school’s multicultural center.

…but from a left-wing point of view, it is sweeter when people do your bidding because you forced them to do it.

If all this sounds familiar, you could be thinking of the shenanigans that were allowed to take place during the Black Power days of the 60s and 70s, when a young maniac named Eric Holder took part in an armed occupation of ROTC headquarters at Columbia University, demanding that the office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” That young maniac is now Attorney General; there has been no perceptible maturation in his point of view.

Smashing the last remnants of civil society.

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