Celebrate MLK Day by Completing White Supremacist Checklist

Celebrate MLK Day by Completing White Supremacist Checklist

The old holidays brought us together, and evoked feelings of good will (Christmas), joy (Easter), gratitude (Thanksgiving), and patriotism (Fourth of July). Liberal establishmentarians downgrade, render vacuous, ignore, and/or relentlessly criticize these holidays as they progressively phase them out of existence. They intend to replace them with new holidays that will turn us against each other and bring out feelings of resentment and neurotic guilt.

Speaking of which, today academics can celebrate Martin Luther King Day by confirming that they are loathsome bigots with the white supremacist checklist. Professor Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt of Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon bills it as “a list of qualities and attributes of those that overtly or covertly support or contribute to a culture of mundane and everyday white supremacy within our institutions.”

From the checklist:

You are aware of the many wrongs that you see your institution is doing to your marginal faculty and students, and while you sympathize with people of color and marginal students and faculty members behind your closed door, you never openly confront your institution.

“Marginal” means high ranking in the P.C. caste system. It is not enough to think like a moonbat; you must bark like a moonbat — loudly.

When a professor of color stands up in your faculty meetings and expresses their frustrations about inequity, you go to your trusted colleagues (the next day) and ask, “Why is s/he or them always so angry?”

You must understand that no matter how privileged they are due to their politically favored racial background, their belligerent bellyaching is always justified.

When you are on a hiring committee, you think that the writing samples by your white candidates of choice are stellar, while what is “stellar” about the candidates of color is, of course, their ethnicity.

Contrast the item above with the item below and you will see why doublethink is indispensable in the struggle against white supremacism.

You never fail to articulate publicly your commitment for increasing diversity within your institution, but when on a hiring committee you express your strong hesitance to let go of your stellar candidate in exchange for a candidate who you perceive as only adding to your institution’s diversity mission.

That is, you must reject the more qualified candidate in favor of the candidate who is more racially correct, but you must never admit to yourself that you are doing this. Another checklist item denounces the concept of merit as based on the “racist assumption that everyone has had the same access and opportunities,” yet you must also believe that the Affirmative Action candidate actually does have more merit.

When people of color (faculty members and students) complain to you about discrimination and racism, you actively discourage them to report their cases, and often try to convince them that “it must be a misunderstanding.”

All perceived “microaggressions” are to be treated as deliberate acts of malice and punished ruthlessly.

You think of yourself as an ally to your faculty of color colleagues, but cannot understand why your white students are so upset when professors of color teach and critique sites of white privilege.

Whites are supposed to enjoy having their noses rubbed in anti-white propaganda. Any Caucasian who doesn’t revel in self-hatred is a thought criminal.

In your institutional reviews for tenure and promotion cases, you advise and critique your faculty of color colleagues to be more sensitive and mindful in respecting the viewpoint of our students. By “our students” you really mean “our white students.”

To respect the viewpoint of white students is thoughtcrime when it conflicts with the only correct viewpoint, cultural Marxism.

You benefit so much from the system that you have decided to stay out of all of this “identity politics.”

A college campus is no place for neutrality. You are either with the righteous vanguard of political correctness, or you are against it and must be crushed.

Unfortunately, the checklist is specific to people who work in academia. Look for Those in Charge to increasingly promote MLK Day as they demote traditional holidays. This might result in future white supremacy checklists with wider applications, to help all people of politically repudiated pale pigmentation wallow in guilt and self-hatred.

On a tip from J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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