Concealed Carry Denounced as “Racist” and “Homophobic” at Kalamazoo College

When rational argument fails, liberals can always fall back on the magic words “racist” and “homophobic” — even on totally unrelated topics like the natural right of self-defense:

In an audio recording exclusively obtained by Campus Reform, students at a Student Commission meeting—[Kalamazoo College’s] student government—interrupted Alexander Ross, a sophomore political science major, as he requested that the students engage in a conversation about campus carry, a request he had been asking the Commission for five straight weeks.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Ross addressed the Commission’s refusal to discuss issues outside of its ideology. Despite being interrupted several times, Ross encouraged the Commission to stop automatically saying “no” to students’ requests and be more open to other viewpoints.

Here’s what the last remnants of civilization are up against:

“Sorry, I’m gonna have to interrupt you because you as a white male talking to me,” protested an unidentified member of the Commission midway through Ross’s remarks.

Others piled on:

Another student commissioner at K-College, said Ross was “disrespecting” people on the Commission as he was “talking to [another student] like that as a person of color when you’re coming from a white male privilege stance in life.”

It would be racist to allow white males to express a point of view, because they are “privileged” — i.e., they are at the bottom of the politically correct caste system.

Members accused Ross of “racism,” “homophobia,” and “sexism,” and some even went so far as to accuse Ross’s pro-Second Amendment position of desiring to kill students in black hoodies.

Ross would have had an easier time convincing a barrel of monkeys to exhibit good table manners than trying to get it through to campus moonbats that individuals have a right to defend themselves from violence.

“I don’t know why they’re calling me racist, or a sexist, or a homophobe because none of those things have anything to deal with what I’m asking them to do,” [Ross] told Campus Reform, adding that his peers’ behavior at the meeting was “childish.”

Of course it was childish. In the Age of Hope & Change, we are ruled by children. Bratty, spoilt children.

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