Cop Forbidden From Bringing Gun to School

Did you think that suspending children from school over a tiny gun trinket, eating a Pop Tart into a vague gun shape, or making a finger gun was the state of the art in educratic hoplophobic absurdity? Wrong. Already the lunacy goes further still. From relatively gun-friendly Arizona:

He’s not the type of armed man on campus you’d expect parents to be concerned about — but apparently a police officer dropping off his daughter at school was just too scary for some parents in Mesa.

And the school principal actually called that officer to ask him not to wear his uniform on campus ever again.

The issue was that other parents were concerned because he had a gun.

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The officer, who works for the Coolidge Police Department, is a parent of a kid that goes to Entz Elementary School in Mesa.

So as not to discriminate, I’m sure the principal would be willing to also forbid homicidal maniacs from bringing guns to the school. With such a restriction in place, police won’t be needed anyway.

On a tip from Manuel R. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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