Education Professor Wants to Push Queer Theory in Elementary School

Education Professor Wants to Push Queer Theory in Elementary School

Consider the malevolent freaks who dominate the field of education, and then weep for the future:

A science education professor at the University of Arizona believes elementary schoolchildren are being taught “heteronormative” and “limited” ideas in science classrooms, and queer theory and sexuality-infused curricula [are] the answer.

An example of heteronormative science would be teaching students the politically incorrect notion that males of a species mate with females in order to produce offspring. Such a concept is presumably too hurtful and triggering to be tolerated on college campuses; why should it be allowed in elementary schools?

Kristin Gunckel discussed her ideas in a March 23 lecture hosted by the public university’s Institute for LGBT studies.

As you work to generate wealth, the government, having confiscated a large percentage of that wealth, spends some of it paying people like Associate Professor Gunckel to promote the corruption of children in the name of the depraved ideology of the lunatic Left.

She explored “how queer theory can be a useful tool for re-imagining elementary science education and elementary science teacher preparation,” according to a webpage advertising the lecture. …

The webpage, which gives an overview of the lecture, lists three areas Gunckel intended to focus on. One included “inviting sexuality into the elementary science classroom.”

In a previous academic paper, the former middle school science teacher argued that science curriculum should include photos of those with differing sexual orientations and stop “hiding” sexuality from children.

See below for sample photos. Just kidding! This is a family-friendly website.

Just what is “Queer Theory”?

Gunckel described queer theory as “making the normal queer.”

In other words, Queer Theory is a subcategory of Critical Theory that focuses on promoting sexual perversion and the corruption of innocence, and undermining families and the wholesome romantic relationships that give rise to them. The explicit purpose of Critical Theory is to destroy Western Civilization by relentlessly undermining every aspect of it. Thanks to the hegemonic influence of the cultural Marxist Frankfurt School, this has become the main purpose of what we once called “higher” education.


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