Even PARENTS find New Jersey Common Core Testing Difficult

Even PARENTS find New Jersey Common Core Testing Difficult

This is EXACTLY why the government should run ALL THE THINGS. Seriously, how many ways can you screw up everything? Let’s try NOT allowing you guys to mess up any more things and more than you already have, because if you mess with this mama bear’s cubbies, it ain’t gonna be pretty:


Common Core curriculum lessons have quickly become thorns in the side of befuddled parents trying to help their kids with their homework, but even the tests are a headache for adults. New Jersey parents tested out the exam and found it confusing and poorly crafted.

Look, I’m not an idiot by a long shot. But this seems a lot like what my grandma used to call troublesome coupled with a burden. How can you expect these kiddos to navigate all this stuff? I am glad that there are parents opting out of the testing. If enough people do it, it simply will not pass into law. Easy peasy. Good luck to the kids in Jersey though – looks like you will really need it.

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