Evergreen State College Enters Death Spiral

Evergreen State College Enters Death Spiral

Chaos erupted at Evergreen State College when biology professor Bret Weinstein was set upon by a moonbat mob for daring to speak out against white people being banned from the campus for a day. As a result of educrats characteristically siding with infantile leftists, the situation spun out of control:

Students demanded exemption from classwork so they could disturb the peace … and the president granted it. The school was shut down for three days over violent threats, and there were reports that a student mob was roaming the campus with bats and batons, threatening those who disagreed with the “No Whites” event.

Now we learn that Evergreen has a more serious problem. The taxpayer teat that keeps it alive may be yanked from its mouth:

It is the only state four-year higher education institution to see enrollment drop steeply since 2011 despite wide-open admission standards. At about 4,080 students, it is about 300 students short of the Legislature’s funded enrollment target.

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The two problems are now entwined. Evergreen President George Bridges and his administration need to assure future students and their parents that academics come first — and not acquiesce to the 200-or-so student protesters at the expense of the 4,000-student campus. Without safety, there’s no learning, and without learning, Evergreen will wither into irrelevance.

Irrelevance has already been achieved. Bridges praised the moonbats for the “passion” they exhibited during their tantrums, and even granted their demand not to have to complete homework or course projects. A degree from Evergreen State College is virtually worthless. Consequently, enrollment will continue to decline, even if public order is restored. At this point, the death spiral is probably irreversible.

The same may hold true for the University of Missouri, which has been in a tailspin since gelatinous educrats with no idea how to control the Frankenstein monster that their moonbattery had created allowed the school to be taken over by Affirmative Action Black Lives Matter hooligans.

Evergreen has a long history of campus protests since it was founded in the 1970s as an experimental college. But protests this year have been focused inward and unusually aggressive — with students hijacking events beginning with the convocation in September and a board of regents meeting. They took over the administration offices last month, and Bridges patiently heard them out for hours with campus police calling every half-hour to check on his welfare. Most recently, they took over professor Bret Weinstein’s class because he questioned calls for white faculty and students to leave campus for a day.

That’s when the situation really got out of control, but from the day Evergreen recruited convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver a commencement address from prison, you had to know where this “experimental college” was headed. The path of moonbattery goes in only one direction: down.

…as Bridges simpers uselessly.

On a tip from Steve A. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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