Female Teachers CAUGHT Making Out in Classroom, Then Fired. Now, They are Seeking PAYBACK!?

Female Teachers CAUGHT Making Out in Classroom, Then Fired. Now, They are Seeking PAYBACK!?

One of the biggest problems with education today is that it’s nearly impossible to fire teachers, no matter how major their indiscretions or misbehaviors are. Case in point: the two teachers caught making out while undressed in a classroom have been rehired after losing their jobs, and they’re suing the city now for being fired in the first place.


Two teachers that were fired after they were allegedly seen making out at their school are suing the city for back wages and for losing their seniority.

Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito were both working at James Madison High School in 2009 when they sneaked away for some one-on-one time while watching a school musical, being caught by school safety agents ‘partially undressed’ in a classroom.

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They were fired at first from their jobs but later rehired, and had previously sued for back wages.

Now they are suing claiming they lost their seniority as a result of their alleged actions, which affects their future pay.

The New York Post reports Mauro is earning $79,654 a year and Brito makes $66,487 a year.

Mauro, 39, previously said the New York City Department of Education slapped her with an unfair two-year suspension after she was caught in a suspicious embrace with Brito.

Brito, who was married, received half the suspension, according to the suit Mauro filed in Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this year.

‘The penalty of a two year suspension is irrational, particularly harsh and shocking to the conscience when the arbitrator imposed a penalty of suspension despite the fact that other teachers had received significantly less severe penalties for crimes and inappropriate misconduct involving students and even other teachers,’ reads the suit.

… Sine the allegations first arose – on the word of a janitor who claimed he saw the two women engaged in sexual activity – both teachers denied they were ever naked, alleging that the custodian who walked in on them during a school talent show had a vivid imagination.

They claimed to have gone into the classroom in order for Brito to rest following ‘problems with low blood sugar.’

Lawyers representing the city said in court documents that the teachers’ alibi was hard to believe because no medical equipment was found in Room 337, where the pair allegedly was busted.

The city also pointed out that Brito and Mauro had climbed six flights of stairs before arriving at their destination, passing multiple classrooms and more than one bathroom — unlikely behavior for someone suffering from low blood sugar.

It’s crazy enough that these women were hired again, but to expect extra money on top of that, as if they’re some kind of victims? People, we live in one crazy, crazy world.

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