Harvard Law Students Demand Exams Be Postponed out of Sheer Ferguson Foolishness as at Columbia

Inspired by the almost unbelievably contemptible example of Columbia University, Harvard Law School students have demanded that exams be delayed because they are upset that Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo were not offered up as sacrificial victims to the liberal god, political correctness. This letter from the Harvard Law School Affinity Group Coalition provides alarming insight into the mentality of our future rulers:

Dear Dean Minow and the Harvard Law School Administration:

This campus — and the nation — erupted in outrage when grand juries failed to indict Officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo for the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, respectively. These recent events highlight that intolerance in America continues to cost us countless lives at the hands of law enforcement. We have no faith in our justice system, which systematically oppresses black and brown people. We are afraid for our lives and for the lives of our families. We are in pain. And we are tired.

We have been visibly distressed and actively engaged throughout this public national crisis. … And all we have heard from the administration is deafening silence.

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Your silence denies humanity to the lives lost and minimizes the gravity of the palpable anguish looming over campus. Like many across the country, we are traumatized.

Being traumatized makes them victims. Victims make demands. Here’s theirs:

Give students the opportunity to reschedule their exams in good faith and at their own discretion between the period of December 20th and January 15th.

Youth used to rebel. But instead of rebelling against liberal educrats, Ivy League youth pretends to rebel by throwing tantrums and insisting that the establishment double down on the ideology that defines it.

Imagine what will happen if these hothouse flowers are ever confronted by reality. If a cop not getting railroaded after defending himself from a maniacal thug is enough to incapacitate them, their first personal encounter with a jury not consisting entirely of moonbats should be enough to cause total meltdown.

Speaking of meltdown, imagine how well Harvard Law students will deal with it if Obama and Holder ever face legal repercussions for their abuse of power.

On a tip from Shawn R. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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