HECK YES! Picture DESTROYS Self-Entitled College Snowflakes Who WHINE About THEIR School Debt

HECK YES! Picture DESTROYS Self-Entitled College Snowflakes Who WHINE About THEIR School Debt

You all can thank the liberal socialistic self-entitlement thinking of basket-cases like Bernie Sanders and also the brainwashing of your child by government public schools for the snowflake attitude of college students today.

A very large portion of my disdain for the general college student is the belief that they are entitled to a free education…At the expense of the taxpayer.

That’s right folks. A free ride off the backs of hard working, middle class Americans who have their coffers raided every day by the federal government, who treat them as hired help. Much of the reasoning behind the free college movement is that it’s too expensive (which it is) to pay (no it’s not) for college. They complain that they can’t afford it and they demand the government make it a RIGHT.

Yeah. An actual Bill of Rights, RIGHT…

Here is one young man that has found the secret to getting through college WITHOUT going into debt. What you are about to witness will shock your system. It will go against everything that is considered fair or equal…

And yet, it works every time.


Well how about that? We now have found the key to affording college, without going into debt and without demanding hard working taxpayers to front the bill:


So, instead of forcing people who actually have jobs and are trying to provide for their families to front up the cash for your ‘higher education’, go protest yourselves in the mirror and demand that person staring at you to go out there and get to work!

There is nothing more satisfying than creating something on your own. Now, I know our past president Obama would say otherwise, that ‘you didn’t build that’, but he was wrong. Build and be what you desire and do it by rolling up your sleeves and working. No one else is going to do it for you.

Unless you force them through the overreach of the government, of course…

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