High School Replaces Bathroom Mirrors With Empty Affirmations

High School Replaces Bathroom Mirrors With Empty Affirmations

What could be more emblematic of the raising of Generation Precious Snowflake?

A high school in California has done away with mirrors in its girls’ bathroom and substituted signs of affirmation.

Laguna Hills High School students look at signs that say things like, “You are beautiful” and “You are enough,” instead of looking at their reflections.

That is, instead of seeing what is really there, they are presented with generic esteem-builders that have nothing to do with them as individuals.

In the past, people generated self-esteem by overcoming their weaknesses and by setting and achieving meaningful, difficult goals. But easier methods have been discovered, which is why we now have a surplus of high self-regard.

According to the school’s activities director Chelsea Maxwell, there are no plans to restore the mirrors anytime soon.

Mirrors are too honest.

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