Liberals Upset That Public School Has “English-Only” Rule In Cafeteria

Liberals Upset That Public School Has “English-Only” Rule In Cafeteria

Requiring people who work in an environment with things like hot surfaces and knives to speak the same language seems pretty common sense, right? Well, not in the liberal land of Los Angeles, where people are upset that a sign has been posted saying that only English will be allowed.


A school located in the heart of a Spanish-speaking community in Koreatown – part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, recently posted signage in the cafeteria that caused immediate backlash from school employees and parents. Liberals are upset, as the sign actually fits within the realm of common sense, which tends to be liberals’ worst nightmare. (H/T OpposingViews)

The controversial sign in question reads a short and simple directive,”Cafe Rule, during works hrs we the cafe have an English only rule for safety reasons.”

When cafeteria workers and the local union that represents them learned of the sign, they became infuriated, arguing the rule enforcing English only doesn’t make sense, given they live in a heavily Spanish community.

Though the school district “embraces the cultural community,” they stand firm behind the sign, primarily citing safety reasons.

“In an emergency situation in a busy kitchen area where an employee is trying to communicate ‘hot food’ or a similar warning it is suggested that these phrases are spoken in English for the benefit of everyone working in the kitchen and cafeteria area,” the school district said in a statement it issued regarding the sign.

The policy of English-only is not a new concept in the district, where it has been a rule since 2005. It’s often overlooked or ignored by workers and students, given the sheer number of Spanish speakers at the school.

But as one parent pointed out, “What if it’s a hot soup that they’re serving and then the kid doesn’t understand Spanish?”

Letting people speak whatever language they feel like speaking is well and good at home, but in the workplace, it’s best for one language to be spoken so that everyone can be on the same page. But what does common sense matter when there’s an agenda to push?

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