Major Public University Spends $24 K to Replace “Racist” Building Names

Major Public University Spends $24 K to Replace “Racist” Building Names

Taxpayer dollars for schools are supposed to go towards providing an education for American students, but for liberal administrators, that isn’t always the priority. Take the University of Oregon, for example. They just chose to spend $23,000 on research into whether building names have racist connotations.

A black student group has complained that campus buildings are named after racists and therefore, should be renamed. Three historians were paid $7,500 each to research the claims, with one also being paid almost $900 to reimburse travel expenses.

The UO Black Student Task Force was angry about buildings named after Frederick Dunn and Matthew Deady. Deady is one of the founding fathers of the University of Oregon and also was a federal judge. Dunn was a professor at the University of Oregon and had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan at one point. Deady was not a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but was found to have racist views in his youth. However, the historians’ research found that as he got older, he became more progressive and as a judge, frequently defended marginalized communities. Because of that, buildings named after Deady will remain.

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Dunn Hall, however, will be renamed, with four finalists announced this month. It will instead be named “for a man or woman whose life exemplifies the characteristics of racial diversity and inclusion that Dunn despised,” according to university president Michael Shill. It has been temporarily renamed Cedar Hall.

The cost of the research was covered by University of Oregon Foundation funds, which spokesman Tobin Klinger said are from private donors. “They are used at the discretion of the president for a variety of purposes for the advancement of the organization,” Klinger claimed. And while the UO Black Student Task Force did not get all of their demands granted — they wanted Deady Hall renamed as well — they will be receiving another concession from the university as well: a new black cultural center, which will cost $3 million. The center, according to a press release, “will be an engine for black students’ academic success, providing the room and resources to grow stronger intellectually, ethically, physically and as a community,” and “will connect black students with resources for student success and leadership, as well as serve as a site for seminars and programs that serve the UO and all of Oregon.”

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