Mental Ward Loses Appeal

Among the many things we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: hebephrenically anti-American professor Ward Churchill — who denounced those who died during the Muslim atrocities of September 11 as “Little Eichmanns” — has lost an appeal in his effort to sue his way back into the classroom:

The Colorado Court of Appeals … court ruled that Denver District Judge Larry Naves was right to direct a verdict in favor of the university and to find that the university was entitled to “quasi-judicial immunity.

“We conclude that the nature of the decision reached by the university and its regents, and the process by which that decision was reached, shared enough characteristics with the judicial process to warrant absolute immunity from liability,” states the opinion from Judge Dennis Graham, who was writing for the Court of Appeals.

Churchill was fired not for the obscene sentiments he so noisily expressed, but for plagiarism and fraud. However,

Churchill’s lawyer, David Lane, said he will try to convince the Colorado Supreme Court to take up the case. He predicted the case could eventually end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

He ought to hold back until Comrade Obama makes one more appointment to the Supremes, tilting the court into hard core moonbattery. Then again, if another seat opens up, Churchill might forget about teaching; no doubt the media would celebrate the nomination of the first faux-Indian justice.

ward churchill
Not headed back to the classroom just yet.

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