More Mizzou Hate Hoaxery

The fecal swastika was almost certainly a hoax, but there is one other explanation for the chaos at the University of Missouri; black students feel oppressed because the KKK has laid siege to the campus:

Late Tuesday night, Twitter began to explode with students and others claiming that KKK members had been spotted walking around MU’s flagship Columbia campus. The rumors appear to have been given major life after MU’s student body president, Payton Head, made a Facebook post declaring that the KKK sighting had been confirmed and that he was actively working with police and even the National Guard on the matter.


Head’s comments added to the tumult, and soon dozens both on and off-campus were tweeting about the supposed KKK presence, with some claiming the Klansmen were throwing bricks through dorm windows and others wildly claiming the KKK were enjoying police protection.

Unsurprisingly, the Klan attack turned out to be another hoax.

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Barely an hour after the mania began, local police clarified that there was no evidence of any KKK activity on campus.

“We have found no evidence of anything related to the KKK on campus,” police spokesman Brian Weimar said in a statement. Not only that, but despite Head’s claim to be working with the National Guard, Weimar said the Guard was not present at MU at all. …

Shortly after, Head deleted his initial confirmation and apologized for spreading rumors.

Despite the panic caused by this silly lie, the racist left’s favorite boogeyman barely exists anymore:

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the KKK has only five to eight thousand members, and is no longer a unified group but rather a set of feuding organizations that all claim the Klan’s name.

The SPLC is in business to exaggerate threats to the privileged special interest groups liberals revere, so actual numbers are probably lower.

But the uproar at Mizzou isn’t all about nothing. A person of politically preferred pigmentation who also self-identifies with politically preferred perversion reports that he was subjected to a racial slur while walking near campus. Wait a minute… it’s Payton Head again. Odds that he didn’t invent the entire incident are remote.

A little background on Head the Hoaxer:

Head has a long past history as a ‘social justice warrior’. In his post about the racial slur, he makes it very clear he is a Black Lives Matter supporter, and the post is meant to be about making you feel uncomfortable. In October, he gave a talk on ‘intersectionality’ and the Black Lives Matter movement. He is from Chicago and was an intern for Rahm Emanuel.

We are left to conclude that the entire spectacle at the University of Missouri was staged out of thin air to bully weaklings and fools into complying with the radical black power agenda. Despite the transparent idiocy of the entire affair, it has been an unqualified success, bringing down the President and Chancellor and intimidating educrats and professors across the country. Head, the gay black student body president at the center of it all, even achieved the honor of inclusion on the Hate Hoax List.

A successful career in politics awaits hate hoaxer extraordinaire Payton Head.

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