New York City K-5 Public School Brainwashes Children to Hate Whites

These days, kids in public schools are taught little if any history and not enough math or science, and many graduate unable to read. But they are learning a skill that may prove more valuable in the sort of culture this is becoming: doublethink. It is crucial in a totalitarian society to be able to swallow utter nonsense without choking on its self-contradictions. For example:

Principal Darlene Cameron of Star Academy-PS 63 in the East Village gave her small faculty a chart defining racist and non-racist institutions and asked them to think about where their school fits in.

A non-racist institution, among other things, is conscious of and aims to wipe out a culture of “white power,” “white privilege” and “inherent white advantage.”

That is, “non-racist” means racist against whites. On the flipside, anything that is not explicitly racist against whites is “racist.”

Not even a rabidly racist New York City school can be racist enough to qualify as nonracist, because if moonbats ever stopped trying to hate whites and their accomplishments even more than they do already, their progress toward ideological perfection would be arrested. Perfection is always to be strived for, but can never be achieved.

“We fit into the category of white power and privilege!” a white teacher at the K-5 school told her colleagues.

No matter how viciously they demoralize white children, schools can never be sufficiently politically correct.

The Post exposed an extreme case — how the Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side made white kids feel guilty about their “whiteness” while heaping praise and cupcakes on kids of color.

No doubt even the Bank Street School for Children fits into the category of white power and privilege.

Darlene Cameron, chief brainwasher at P.S. 63.

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