OUTRAGE After Teacher Asks ‘Wholly Inappropriate’ Question About Donald Trump On Exam

OUTRAGE After Teacher Asks ‘Wholly Inappropriate’ Question About Donald Trump On Exam

One of the most important things a Republican president could do is to dismantle the federal Department of Education. Public schools serve as little more than indoctrination centers. To emphasize this point, please see the below example where a teacher offered kids an exam that required them to declare that we’re “screwed” if Donald Trump gains the presidency.


From TheBlaze:

A Florida public high school teacher was suspended for asking students a controversial question about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on a test.

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Malik Leigh, who teachers at Palm Beach Lakes High School Law Academy, penned the following question to students on their final exam, the Palm Beach Post reported.

If Donald Trump becomes president of the United states, we are:

  1. Screwed
  2. Screwed
  3. Screwed
  4. Screwed behind a really YUGE wall that Mexico pays for.

Principal Cheryl McKeever called the question “wholly inappropriate” for the class.

“Specifically, the exam materials contain inaccurate content, irrelevant material, unprofessional use of language, inappropriate use of language and contain content outside of and not consistent with the curriculum for the Law Academy,” McKeever added.

Leigh, however, defended asking the question, telling the Palm Beach Post, “To me, it was a funny question.”

“I’m not pushing a political agenda,” Leigh said. “I don’t see why that would be offensive. They all tie into the classroom discussion.”

The suspension came shortly after Leigh filed a lawsuit against the school, according to the Post, alleging that about 30 teachers, including himself, were not being re-hired for what he called political reasons.

The complaint alleges that the teachers being let go included those who were forced by school officials to change grades, reported paraprofessionals for abusing special needs students or those teachers who “had been seen speaking with those teachers.”

This was not the first time Leigh had been criticized for questions asked of students.

The Post reported that on another assignment Leigh asked what would be the best technique for an attorney making an opening statement at a trial. The choices reportedly included winking at the judge, focusing on the hottest juror, talking to jurors like friends or “treating them like the MORONS they are.”

It very well may be that a President Trump would not yield the benefits some of his dogmatic followers believe, but that doesn’t mean that publicly-funded teachers should be spewing their political propaganda as fact and grading kids accordingly.

This is the kind of thing that has become entirely too common in public schools and precisely the reason why it’s time to dismantle the federal Department of Education.

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