OUTRAGE! Teacher Forced Kid Into Cardboard Box Each Day, For TWO Months – For Talking During Class

OUTRAGE! Teacher Forced Kid Into Cardboard Box Each Day, For TWO Months – For Talking During Class

We send our kids to school each day to get an education. So imagine one woman’s outrage when she discovered that her son was forced into a cardboard box every day for two months — simply for talking in class.

melody haller

Meldoy Haller was left furious when she discovered staff at Alhambra Elementary School in Madison County, Illinois, separated the second-grader from the rest of his classmates because he was talking.

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She claims she was never told her son had been punished and the principal denied that he had been boxed in.

He had only been enrolled at the school for a month when he was punished, and his mother thinks teachers overstepped the mark.

When Haller visited the school, she asked to see the box. Faculty members then took her to the school gym where it had been taken apart.

Alongside a picture of the box, she wrote on Facebook: ‘This is the BOX that was placed around my child for two months for talking in class! When I went to the school today the principal kept telling me it wasn’t a box or he wasn’t boxed in.

‘Once I finally got her to show me what people and my child were talking about this is what she showed me! His desk was placed away from the kids and this boxed wall was placed around him for 8 hrs a day for the past two months!

‘Most days without even a recess! He’s eight yrs old and in second grade! Has only attended this school for almost three months!

‘He’s been in this box for two! I asked the principal why wasn’t I ever notified and told about this. She wouldn’t give me a real answer!’

She added that teachers had been ‘giving him candy’ at the end of every day if he had been good, yet he was still cordoned off from the classroom.

Other parents notified the superintendent of the school district to what was going on.

Two hours later, the box was allegedly taken down.

She’s now pressing charges against the school, and she’s absolutely right to. This is a second grader. Talking in class is entirely expected behavior, and that punishment was way beyond crossing the line.

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