When They Have to Pay, ‘Liberal’ College Students Suddenly Revolt Against Assessed Obamacare-Like Health Insurance Fees [Video]

These students, I’ll just bet, voted for Obama en masse. They are the same low information voters who joined the ranks of Occupy Wallstreet to push Marxism. Willing tools of Progressive Marxists, these mush brains can’t even see they are being useful idiots for those who just keep getting richer and richer, while taking more and more of our freedoms. They screamed: “Gimme my healthcare, Gradma!” and proceeded to help usher in the biggest theft of wealth and the most egregious tax machine in America’s history. Now, they have the nerve to whine about payments? Surely, you jest.

From TheBlaze:

What happens when you give college students a taste of Obamacare?

They spit the taste right out of their mouths.

Cornell University students are up in arms over a $350 student health fee that will be assessed to any student who doesn’t buy the university’s health insurance, Casey Breznick, editor-in-chief of the Cornell conservative student paper the Cornell Review, wrote on Legal Insurrection Saturday.

He also noted that Cornell’s fee resembles a national program: the Affordable Care Act’s penalty for those who don’t purchase health insurance.

Breznick wrote:

As Obamacare dictates people must either buy health insurance or pay a tax, Cornell is now requiring students who do not purchase SHIP [university health insurance] pay the health fee. Of course, there are distinctions between each case–namely, attending Cornell is optional whereas paying taxes is required.

Still, the underlying principle behind the fee implementation and Obamacare are the same: the redistribution of wealth in order to provide “for the common good,” as Skorton stated.


Essentially, both the fee and Obamacare are redistributionist policies which seek to extract from some in order to subsidize others. In some ways, however, the Cornell student health fee is worse, because it’s not only a redistribution of wealth, it is an administrative bailout to the tune of a cool $4 million. It’s a double-whammy of liberal ill-logic and progressive policy.

Some of the most vocal opponents of the fee, Breznick said, are “liberal” students.

“These are the same students who almost surely all vote for Democrats and support redistributionist, big government policies,” Breznick noted, “but when it comes to their own pocket books they are suddenly outraged.”

Some students went so far as to “occupy” the university president’s office last week.

Breznick appeared on “Fox and Friends” Sunday morning to discuss the issue — and he labeled many of the protesters hypocrites.

Cornell is taking a page from Obama’s book, literally. It is collectivism and redistribution being forced on the students to bail out the university. This is the naked Progressive in all its evil glory. Liberal students can’t see the irony in the fact that they begged for Obamacare and now they are getting walloped over it. How do you like big government now? How do you like having Obama’s hand in your pocket? When it becomes personal, suddenly you are outraged Talk about out of touch.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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