Penn State Whitewashes Michael Mann

As predicted, Penn State’s investigation into con man Michael Mann — who has brought the university a fortune in taxpayer money with his provably false efforts to prop up the global warming hoax — has been nothing but a whitewash.

Penn State ended a two-month probe into the work of Michael Mann, a top climate scientist whose “hockey stick” graph of climbing world temperature helped galvanize support for the climate change movement, on Wednesday.

The probe stemmed from the release of thousands of hacked e-mails from a server at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England that showed the internal debate and, some say, the manipulation of data, to support the scientific underpinnings of the case for global, man-made warming of the planet. Mann’s e-mails were among those released and critics charged that he used “tricks” to make his data match studies that confirmed warming trends.

A three-person board of inquiry cleared Mann of three of four charges brought by the university that he falsified or tried to destroy data, and recommended further study on the fourth charge that his methods “deviated from accepted practices” of the scientific community.

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They wrote in their report that “that there exists no credible evidence that Dr. Mann had ever engaged in, or participated in, directly or indirectly, any actions with intent to delete, conceal or otherwise destroy e-mails, information and/or data.”

Does this mean the Nittany Liar isn’t a crook after all? Hardly.

But the findings and, more importantly, the focus have set off a wave of criticism accusing the university panel of failing to interview key people, neglecting to conduct more than a cursory review of allegations and structuring the inquiry so that the outcome — exoneration — was a foregone conclusion.

Here’s why even a pig like Mann could be predicted to come up smelling like roses, according to the educrats:

Mann, according to published reports, has gotten a grant almost $550,000 in stimulus money to study climate change and is part of a nearly $2 million grant to Penn State to study the impact of climate change on various diseases.

Liberal ideology is doing to science what it does to everything else it touches: rotting it into a corrupt lie.

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