Princeton Acknowledges Constitution Day With “F%*# Free Speech” Event

Princeton Acknowledges Constitution Day With “F%*# Free Speech” Event

September 17 was Constitution Day. Each year, it provides an opportunity to honor the document that has helped secure the fundamental liberties we hold dear, such as freedom of speech. Many acknowledge the date by displaying the American flag. Academia takes a different approach:

This year, Princeton University’s annual Constitution Day Lecture contended that “the academy has never promoted free speech as a central value.”

The lecture, given by Prof. Carolyn Rouse, Chair of the Department of Anthropology and Director of the Program in African Studies, was entitled “F%*# Free Speech: An Anthropologist’s Take on Campus Speech Debates.”

The speech consisted of high-toned word salad meant to provide an intellectual basis for suppressing speech for the sake of the sacred unheard victims and because truth is unknowable anyway. Louse also proclaimed that “there is no such thing as uncoerced free will,” and rejected the fundamental concept of natural rights, upon which the Constitution and American civilization rest.

Princeton is an outrageously expensive Ivy League institution. Thanks to Affirmative Action, that is no guarantee that the instructors will have anything constructive to say, or even be intelligent. But then, the purpose of a modern academic isn’t to instruct or enlighten anyway; it is to destroy.

This malevolent nitwit’s job is to undermine, corrode, and ruin.

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