Pro-Life Display Trashed at Clarion University

Being the bad guys has certain advantages. For example, if your opposition attempts to express its point of view by creating a display, you can simply wreck it:

Students at Clarion University in Clarion, Penn. wasted no time vandalizing a pro-life display set up on campus Sunday evening.

Less than 12 hours after the public university’s Students for Life chapter set up its annual Cemetery of the Innocents—a display of dozens of white crosses commemorating millions of lives lost to abortion—students vandalized and mocked it.

On Monday morning, display organizers discovered a significant portion of the crosses had been broken, removed, and tossed into nearby trash cans. Vandals also wrote messages on several crosses: “would you support if this life was gay?” and “would you support if this life were trans?”

According to liberal ideology, we have no control over our behavior. Even an unborn baby can be homosexual or even transsexual. However, unborn babies are not human beings, so it is okay to kill them even then.

In the unlikely event that the moonbat vandals are really interested, Kristin Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, unsurprisingly confirms that yes they “support the right of every human person to be person,” including those of politically preferred although unhealthy and unnatural sexual proclivities.

Clarion has seen this sort of thuggery before:

In 2011, students at the Pennsylvania-based public university turned the 350 crosses upside down and splattered them with red paint. The paint was also used to draw fake infant’s footprints on the sidewalk in front of the display.

Conservatives cannot respond in kind to these tactics for two reasons: (1) they are by definition decent people and wouldn’t want to; and (2) the authorities are liberals, guaranteeing that when moonbats behave like this, there is little if any punishment or negative press coverage, whereas if conservatives did, it would be inflated into a Crime Against Humanity and the Story of the Century.

Applied liberalism: vandalized crosses thrown in the trash can.

On a tip from Petterssonp. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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