Public Schools Spend $Millions Keeping Blacks Down With Pernicious White Privilege Propaganda

The concept of “white privilege” is cultural Marxism taken to its final extreme of morally depraved idiocy. It entails condemning members of the European race for the traits that have allowed them to build the most successful civilization in human history. So fundamentally perverted is this ideological toxin that its proponents focus on applying it to children, who have not yet developed intellectual defenses from lunacy. Liberal control of public schools makes it easy to do this on your dollar. Ironically, the double standards created under the banner of white privilege hurt blacks more than whites:

The Pacific Educational Group (PEG) espouses a lot of controversial and stereotypical concepts regarding minority students in K-12 schools.

For instance, the organization teaches that black kids are less likely to respond to fundamental ideas like working hard to achieve success, or being on time for school or work, because those ideas are supposedly foreign to African-American culture.

They are getting more foreign all the time, thanks to liberal propaganda and welfare policy, not to mention Affirmative Action.

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One prominent black professional, journalist and author Juan Williams, thinks those schools are subscribing to a politically-driven philosophy that grossly underestimates the capabilities of minority students, particularly black children.

“These people (associated with PEG) are engaged in cultural, political arguments that are based on negative stereotypes of black capacity to achieve in any situation,” Williams said.

“My mother never would have said, ‘You don’t have to be on time. If you are then you are acting white.’ That idea is tragically insulting.”

Juan expresses a lot of dopy views on Fox News, but he didn’t get where he is by behaving the way his fellow liberals encourage blacks to act.

The PEG message is centered on the concept of “white privilege” and the detrimental impact it supposedly has on minority students.

On a basic level, PEG teaches that minority students don’t do as well as white students on the average because traditional American education is structured around white cultural norms, which are frequently difficult for minority students to grasp.

Obviously teaching this is not going to help blacks to succeed. The purpose of cultural Marxism isn’t to raise up favored groups like blacks, sexual deviants, Moslems, et cetera. It is to exploit them as demolition tools to tear America down so that an oligarchical collectivist utopia can be constructed on its ruins.

Keeping blacks down is crucial to the progressive divide and conquer strategy; this is the only explanation for liberal welfare policy, which offers lavish monetary rewards for staying unmarried and unemployed.

Here is how this malign ideology is applied:

Teachers are also taught that they should have separate behavior expectations for minority students, because those students supposedly come from cultures with radically different values.

For instance, one of the annual white privilege conferences in Wisconsin taught participants that minority kids frequently have a “different value and view on time, missed days, working together, and wait time between questions and answers.”

It tells teachers to “be flexible” with minority students who are persistently late or miss a lot of school days.

Not exactly a recipe for success.

As for the traits that made European Civilization such a towering achievement, they are to be shunned:

According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success.”

Minority students shouldn’t be expected to subscribe to those values because they are foreign to their culture, according to PEG.

If these same people were in charge of the water supply, we would all be dead because they would pour poison into it.

A partial list compiled by EAGNews gives an idea of how much of our money is spent on this purely evil brainwashing:


Baltimore County Public Schools spent $427,000. What a surprise.

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