Purple Pervert Unicorn Ushers Children Into a World of Polysexual Degeneracy

Ever wonder why nowadays American students often need to be taught remedial reading, writing, and math in college? One reason is because this is what passes for educational material in public schools:

gender unicorn

Don’t you love the “sex assigned at birth” crapola? It’s as if they think your sex is something randomly assigned by incompetent bureaucrats, which you can switch on a whim as often as Donald Trump changes parties. If government grade schools still taught science instead of depraved leftist propaganda, kids would learn that their sex is a fundamental, unchangeable property of every cell in their bodies.

Church Militant has details on the graphic above:

Titled the “Gender Unicorn,” the purple character, brainchild of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg [North Carolina] school district (CMS), is scheduled to appear on multiple training materials for faculty and staff in order to facilitate the training of students on gender identity issues. The graphic features three expressions of gender identity and expression, with “other” being added to male and female, in addition to added outlets for physical and emotional attraction.

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“Other.” Just how sick and weird will political correctness have to get before parents stop letting our moonbat overlords brainwash their kids with it?

According to CMS, the Gender Unicorn will assist children with discovering who they “go to bed as” and who they “go to bed with.”

Powered by your tax dollar, the purple pervert unicorn will give children ideas they never would have come up with on their own regarding who to go to bed with and what to do under the covers.

In any other time, the creeps responsible for this would have been strung up by infuriated mobs. But in our age, we meekly accept their chastisement for not having sufficiently embraced degeneracy and abnormality.

On a tip from seaoh. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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