Question: What Takes 4 Years, $139,000, And Makes You Sleep In A Tent?

Answer: A gender studies degree from Kentucky.

You can spend four years earning a degree in “Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies” at the University of Kansas or a degree in “Gender and Women’s Studies” at the University of Kentucky.

But the degree will cost you more at Kansas if you are an out-of-state student than it will at Kentucky.

At Kansas, according to the College Board, tuition plus room and board is currently $21,446 per year for an in-state student and $34,832 for an out-of-state student.

At Kentucky, it’s $22,142 for an in-state student and $31,754 for an out-of-state student.

That works out to a cool $139,328 for an out-of-state student to earn an undergraduate degree in gender studies at Kansas versus just $127,016 for an out-of-state student at Kentucky. That’s assuming the tuition and board and room costs don’t increase–and the student finishes in four years.

Why spend so much time and money earning a college degree in gender studies?

KU’s Web site gives a very short explanation of why this is not only a major but a department which grants doctoral degrees (Ph.Ds): “Because much of what people think they know about women, gender, and sex is myth.”

Let’s be honest: Gender studies are a waste of time. They shouldn’t even be teaching courses in it in the first place — and getting a degree? It’s pointless. Even a 4 year degree in basket weaving would be better because conceivably, you could make and sell the baskets. Having a bunch of wacked out feminists teach you gender studies for years would probably leave you knowing less about gender than you did when you started college, although you’d probably be able to communicate your newly learned ignorance with a more impressive vocabulary. The only way it could be worse than majoring in gender studies would be to waste $139,000 dollars to do it. In fact, spending that amount of money to get a degree in gender studies is so ridiculous that it should be a disqualifier when a business is looking to hire you. Just remember, kids: Friends don’t let friends get gender studies degrees.

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