Race Hustling New Hampshire Students Allege “DIRECT DEATH THREAT”

Race Hustling New Hampshire Students Allege “DIRECT DEATH THREAT”

It’s spring, which means it’s the perfect time of year for race baiters to get furious over one very innocuous holiday: Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican holiday has, much like the Irish St. Patrick’s Day, been turned into an excuse for people to drink and party, but at one university, some students are furious.

A Cinco de Mayo party was held at the University of New Hampshire’s Durham campus and now, some people are protesting. They claim that the sombreros, ponchos and fake mustaches that some of the students were wearing “appropriated” Mexican culture. A Facebook page, “All Eyes on UNH,” led the criticism, but the people running the page refused to identify themselves to the media. Instead, they merely released a brief statement, saying, “It’s time for students to understand that Americans celebrating Cinco de Mayo in this way is not only culturally insensitive.”

A video shows one man wearing a poncho getting confronted about his “costume.” “You’re perpetuating the stereotype that Mexicans drink and wear ponchos for a living,” one woman complains. “That’s what you’re doing.” The creators of the Facebook page are demanding a statement from university administrators, but there’s just one problem: they’ve yet to even make a formal complaint! “We are not going to comment on an anonymous document that we haven’t formally received,” a university spokesperson said.

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But still, the administration isn’t completely ignoring the issue. After a video was posted of students protesting, the university held a meeting on campus, but it may have been too late — the video went viral and students began receiving death threats.

Danique Montique posted one of the videos and said she was surprised at the response. “I never expected it to blow up in the way that it did,” she said. “I certainly do not know over 100,000 people.” And some of those people have responded harshly. “The comments under them are asking her to be euthanized, calling her the n-word, the c-word, the b-word — anything you can think of,” student Gabrielle Greaves said. “She received death threats, and the university still did not make a statement about Cinco de Mayo or about the racial climate on campus.”

The statement released by the university may not placate the students, though. “There has been an increase in incidents involving uncivil, even hateful, behavior,” the statement read. “We condemn all such acts. Every member of our community deserves to feel safe and respected, and we will not tolerate threatening behavior or bullying on social media or in person.” The president, Mark Huddleston, also weighed in, saying, “Nobody, nobody, should have to be spit on, be subject to racist taunts, be subject to the kind of vile social media attacks that I’ve seen, none of that stuff. And we need to redouble our efforts to make sure that it doesn’t.”

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Perhaps these campus grievance-mongers need to pick up a copy. While death threats are unacceptable, the fact that students are issuing lists of demands over a Cinco de Mayo party is ridiculous. They’re not victims here; they’re whiners.

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