San Francisco Middle School Withholds Student Election Results Because Too Many White Kids Won

San Francisco Middle School Withholds Student Election Results Because Too Many White Kids Won

Political correctness has run amok again and in this case, it’s a story out of — surprise! — San Francisco. Everyone’s favorite liberal paradise has spawned a school attended by normal children, but staffed by .

lena van haren

When Everett held its election three days later, its principal promptly refused to release the results, saying she was concerned that the winners were not diverse enough. While she would ultimately relent and release the results, her decision spurred anger among parents and kids who felt that the principal was putting diversity ahead of democracy. Critics compared her to a dictator who scraps elections when results don’t go her way… “The whole school voted for those people, so it is not like people rigged the game,” seventh-grader Sebastian Kaplan told KRON 4, who had run for class representative yet had no clue a week later if he won. “But in a way, now it is kinda being rigged.” … The controversy began as soon as the Oct. 9 election results rolled in. Everett’s 36-year-old principal, Lena Van Haren, was disturbed by the lack of diversity among the winners, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The school sits in San Francisco’s Mission District, a historically diverse neighborhood that has recently struggled with both gentrification and gang violence. Everett is as much a melting pot as the community, with 80 percent of its population comprised of students of color. Only 20 percent of students are white, Van Haren told KTVU.

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… After relenting and publishing the results — in which “white, Asian, and mixed-race students” were statistically over-represented — the school’s (white) principal pronounced herself “concerned” about whether students’ “voices are all heard.”

So the school with a majority of minority students willingly voted too many white kids in, so this principal, in all of her compassion and wisdom, decided that they didn’t know what was good for them and wasn’t going to let that stand? It’s literally the exact mindset held by homicidal dictators throughout history — sure, they’re ignoring that pesky democracy thing and overriding what the people want, but the people aren’t as smart as the brilliant dictator is, and hey, it’s for their own good anyway, right?

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