School Rejects Patriotic Self-Portrait For STUPID Reason

School Rejects Patriotic Self-Portrait For STUPID Reason

Joshua Bruner has been ‘enlightened’ the hard way, learning that in the America of 2016, being a patriot takes second place to being politically correct.

Or to being confused whether you are a male or female. The madness just doesn’t let up, folks.


From Western Journalism:

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Fox News‘ Todd Starnes reports that as part of a high school assignment to take a self-portrait that would then be posted online, the 15-year-old from Ringoes, New Jersey, took an image of himself with two important props — an American flag and a Remington pump-action shotgun.

“Josh considers himself to be a patriot. He loves his country,” said his mother, Darcy Meys.


But Hunterdon Central Regional High School did not care. All school officials saw was a violation of a school policy.

“The rules of our school prohibit students from using artwork depicting themselves or another person with any weapon,” the teacher wrote to Meys, who researched the policy and felt it was aimed at preventing students from bringing guns to school, not images taken outside of school.

“Josh was just showing pride for his country and who he is as a shooter and as a kid who wants to be in the Marines and protect his country and follow in his grandfather’s footsteps,” she said. “He was not dressed inappropriately. He was not holding the gun incorrectly, and he was respecting the flag.”

The school offered to grade the photo so as not to penalize Bruner academically, but refused to put it online.

“They are crushing his spirit,” Meys said. “They are stifling his creativity.”

She noted that the school was living by a double standard.

“If it is OK for people to show pride in their sexuality, why can’t my son show pride in his country?” Meys said. “I’m supposed to accept guys going into bathrooms with my daughters and girls going into bathrooms with my boys, but they won’t accept my kid for just wanting to be a patriot.”

Seriously? I was going to say holding a flag and a gun doesn’t make you a patriot…but not anymore. I’d be happy to side with ANY form of pride for country over the outrageous, despicable, progressive-left agenda that is being pushed in our schools.

So a mental case that thinks he’s a girl or visa-versa is protected, but this kid isn’t?

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