School Teachers “Desecrate ” American Flag For School Project – Parents Are Outraged

School Teachers “Desecrate ” American Flag For School Project – Parents Are Outraged

A school in Chicago had a “freedom of speech” debate that had the American flag on the floor.

At the York Community High School, parents are up in arms over the teachers who encouraged the desecration of the flag during a class study on free speech. The school’s principal, Eric DeLuga, said that they attempted a discussion on the “difficulties of the First Amendment,” but it all went south when a student shared a photo of the flag online.

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Now, parents and past students are speaking up against this disrespectful display.

The flag on the floor recreates a 1989 exhibition by Dread Scott entitled What Is the Proper Way to Display a U.S. Flag. Even with my hippie dippy liberal arts education that included a few too many courses on modern art, I know that this is a misfire. Showing an outrageous display like this once will start a discussion and “recreating it” is only ever done because the person recreating it wants to experience the same outrage over again. Whatever merit the original piece has is gone.

Earlier today, we reported that anti-American outbursts are even hitting first grade classrooms.

But, the principal disagrees with me, because he said that the display was not intended to “disrespect the flag, the military, or the government; rather, it was used for students to reconcile their feelings about current issues and whether their 1st Amendment rights are protected.”

What about the right to not have to be exposed to the tragedy of contemporary art? Is that a right? That should be a right.

Facebook users, commenting on the photo, are unconvinced by DeLuge.

“This is just plain disrespectful. I was taught at a very young age the flag should never touch the ground.”

“I am appalled as this form of teaching.”

“You say that this in no way was [meant] to be disrespectful, but in all reality it most certainly was.”

Giving a statement, the principal responded to the criticism saying that they had intended the grounded flag to be part of a “day-long, interdisciplinary forum that centered on banned books, music, social media and the American flag.” Somehow I don’t think the lesson was about that time that Tipper Gore decided to use the apparatus of the American government to ban music she felt was offensive.

“We ask our students to think critically about issues relevant to them and our society.”

He then went on to apologize. I don’t know about the rest of you, but giving out a statement explaining why I’m still in the right before submitting an apology for those actions is a no-mannered way of saying that I still think I’m right, but I’m apologizing because I want you guys to shut up.

“…we will make changes to this [day] in the future to ensure we do not disrespect our flag.”

Nah. You’ll just find something else even more offensive to throw on the ground.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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