Scott Walker Kicks Unions Out of WI Schools… Look at What Happened Right After

Scott Walker Kicks Unions Out of WI Schools… Look at What Happened Right After

Liberals did a lot of screeching over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s decision to kick unions out of schools. But it looks like Walker will be having the last laugh.

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From Young Conservatives:

By eliminating most labor union collective bargaining in schools, K-12 officials found the freedom to adjust their budgets according to their districts’ needs and resources.

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But the benefits of Act 10 go beyond dollars and cents, which is the theme of a new report from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), titled “Untold Stories of Act 10: How Superintendents Have Used Act 10 to Reform Public Schools.”

The authors of the report contacted superintendents throughout Wisconsin, to determine how the new flexibility provided by Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011 legislation has allowed them to alter their education programs for the benefit of students, without the self-interested intrusion of organized labor.

“Superintendents of public schools no longer have to seek approval from public unions in order to make changes to the administration of their schools,” the report said. “They are free to adopt the best practices of teacher pay and classroom management.

“They can hire and fire teachers according to criteria other than the rigid policies from a union (collective bargaining agreement). The words ‘seniority’ and ‘teacher tenure’ can be terms of the past for many districts.”

… As the report put it, “This compensation plan lacked the proper incentives to improve teaching. So, it should be of no surprise that many superintendents threw out the old, union-forced ‘steps and ladders’ compensation scheme in favor of one that rewards performance in the classroom.”

One example is the Oak Creek-Franklin School District, where building principals evaluate teachers on “instructional effectiveness, professionalism, and leadership. This has the effect of increasing the pay for the highest performing teachers from $78,059 to $88,304,” the report said.

Imagine that — when schools aren’t being strangled by unions and leftist policies, they thrive. Now how can we get the rest of the country in on this?

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