Students Forced to Endorse Liberal Ideology Before Registering for Classes at UC Davis

Before moonbattery brought America down to its current level, our universities were known as open marketplaces of ideas. Now they take ideological rigidity to the point of self-parody:

The University of California, Davis, requires students to complete an online activity in which they must identify certain words and phrases as “problematic” before they register for classes. Students are prompted to match “I’d hit that,” “I raped that exam,” “bitch,” “pimp,” and “slut” with the correct explanation for why each term should not be uttered.

In case you are studying for the test so as to be able to register at UC Davis,

The correct answer for “I’d hit that” is, “Expression used to indicate interest in having sex with the subject of the statement. This phrase indicates an inherent connection between sex and a physically violent act.”

FIRE informed the university that this opinion test violates the First Amendment. But moonbat educrats disagree.

University administrators maintain the activity is consistent with First Amendment principles because students are still permitted to register even if they get all the questions wrong. But this is merely akin to letting students choose from a range of compelled viewpoints—they are still compelled to express one of those viewpoints.

Not to mention that every student knows what the “right” answer is, if only because the others wouldn’t make any sense, and will likely be afraid of the consequences of not choosing it.

Like the liberal establishment news media, universities are no longer primarily about educating; they are about indoctrinating. UC Davis makes it even more obvious than most.

Via FIRE. Click for full size.

On a tip from Kevin M in Auburn WA. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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