T.A. in Deep Water for Showing Video Without Telling Students What to Think of It

T.A. in Deep Water for Showing Video Without Telling Students What to Think of It

Master’s student and teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario found out the hard way that not all perspectives are permissible. She tried to stimulate discussion by playing a clip of University Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson, one of the few admitted countermoonbats to survive in academia. Peterson shocks his liberal peers by refusing to indulge the mentally ill in their delusions by using pronouns other than “he,” “she,” and their derivatives. Playing the clip got Ms. Shepherd in big trouble:

She was called into a meeting in which Laurier faculty and administration told her that playing the clip without condemnation legitimizes the viewpoint, which they don’t support.

Instructors are not allowed to simply present a point of view and invite comment. They must tell students what they are required to think of that point of view. Otherwise, students might start thinking for themselves, defeating the purpose of modern universities.

The meeting, which Shepherd secretly recorded, left her in tears after staff said playing the clip created a toxic environment for transgender students and called her transphobic.

This is the equivalent to being denounced as a witch in Salem, circa 1692.

Shepherd said she presented the clip of the debate neutrally and without bias, but she was told her approach to the clip was tantamount to remaining neutral on other objectionable views such as those of Adolf Hitler.

Refusing to refer to a sexually perplexed person as “ze” instead of “he” is now regarded as the moral equivalent of murdering millions of people. The border between wacky and certifiably insane is far behind us.

Let’s lighten this story with laughter. According to an official statement on the matter, Laurier champions “the civil debate of competing ideas, free speech, and freedom of expression.”

The only thing they will tolerate being free is coercively financed handouts, but at least educrats have a sense of humor.

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