This Teenage Thug Thought He Could PUNK His Teacher – NOPE! Huge Mistake…. VIDEO!

This Teenage Thug Thought He Could PUNK His Teacher – NOPE! Huge Mistake…. VIDEO!

Have a look at the video below and feel free to venture a guess as to the odds this punk will be in prison or dead before he turns 30.

You’ve probably seen more of these than you care to. But this is the face of inner-city public education today. And not just inner-city public education, increasingly.

punk with teacher

From Conservative Tribune:

A student decided he wanted to bully his teacher in class, but quickly got schooled as the teacher decided to take this opportunity to teach the kid an important lesson in bullying.

With so many videos showing children disrupting classes going viral lately, it is good to see a video that showed how many of these disagreements with education professionals get started.

So many people do not understand the difficulties teachers face today when trying to teach unruly children. In the age of the cellphone every move a teacher makes is closely monitored, and the uploaded to video sharing or social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

The clip…

Not much detail about the video has surfaced, so we don’t know if the teacher faces any disciplinary action. One hopes not – dealing with unruly children is an increasingly important skill being asked of American educators as bad parents abandon their responsibility to civilize their children.

Schools used to take a no-nonsense approach to that problem. Unruly kids could expect fairly strict discipline, including corporal punishment, from schools. Most importantly, though, a delinquent like the one in the video could, in decades gone past, expect a level of consequence when he got home from school that would dwarf anything the school would mete out.

But we don’t have that anymore. Instead, we have schools turning to therapeutic means in order to attempt to resolve conflicts with students those schools shouldn’t even be faced with and we have parents refusing to take responsibility for their children to even refrain from violence, much less see their children as representing their families while at school and demanding behavior appropriate to that representation.

And we’ve completely given up on corporal punishment. Which on one level, the aspirational one, is a good thing; we as a society ought to be above violence as a means of enforcing behavioral standards. On another, the level of reality, it isn’t – the kid in that video isn’t going to be reasoned with on an intellectual level. What he understands is force and lots of it.

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