They’re Only Five, But a New Mandatory Program Teaches Kids About Masturbation and Homosexuality

They’re Only Five, But a New Mandatory Program Teaches Kids About Masturbation and Homosexuality

Do you think you, as a parent, should be able to decide when your children learn about things like sex, masturbation, and homosexuality? Well, too bad, say Quebec educators: they’re instituting a new mandatory sex ed program that parents can’t opt out of.

sex ed

There is no longer a religious or other exemption for parents in Quebec, as mandatory sex education begins this school year, starting with children as young as age five.

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For now, the pilot program is only in 15 schools, but will be province-wide in 2017, reports CBC News. Topics covered include masturbation, genitalia and homosexuality, according to Life Site News:

By the time the children have gone through elementary school (ages 6-11), they will have:

•developed their capacity to “engage in respectful emotional relationships”;
•learned the “various ways” of “[sexually] expressing oneself as a boy or a girl”;
•learned to dismantle “gender stereotypes”; and
•learned about the “impact of sexism and homophobia.”

By the time the children reach secondary school (ages 12-17), the ministry expects that they will have had their “first romantic relationships” and would have “explore[d] different aspects of sexual behaviour.”

By the end of this cycle, the children will have learned to:

•manage the “problems that may arise in a romantic relationship”;
•ensure that “sexual behaviour is safe and based on mutual consent”; and
•use condoms, contraception, and develop the “skills they need to protect themselves from STBBIs and pregnancy.”

And what about those five-year-old kindergartners? According to the Quebec government’s pamphlet:

sex ed pamphlet

The “learning content” will include:

•Naming and recognizing the parts of the body
•Understanding why it is important to be proud of one’s body and to take care of it
•Learning at a basic level about pregnancy, birth, welcoming a new baby into the family and different types of families

There is no reason that elementary-aged students need to be forced to participate in a mandatory sex ed program. Not only is it completely inappropriate for children this age, but it also is a serious overreach and takes away a parent’s authority to decide when their child can be taught about such controversial matters.

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