This Marine Just Won the Internet With the BURN He Put on the Million Student March

This Marine Just Won the Internet With the BURN He Put on the Million Student March

A bunch of spoiled, entitled brats are whining because they have to be grown-ups with actual responsibilities, and pay for the things that they want — like, for example, a college education. So one Marine responded in the most awesomely epic way ever.

james erickson

A Marine had a feisty retort to the top-trending Twitter hashtag #millionstudentmarch that explains to college kids how he also had a memorable march as a young man – while he was in the U.S. military.

As students protest in favor of “safe zones” free from racist ignoramuses and phony “hate crime” incidents, military members show bravery by willingly going into “unsafe zones” – armed combat against America’s enemies.

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And while college students go on national television to demand free everything (and are subsequently embarrassed for it), there are young Americans willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow citizens by enlisting into a life of actual public service in the U.S. military.

Thanks to Marine veteran James Erickson, these young students were given some much-needed perspective about their “march”:

Of course, if any of the brats see this, they won’t have the maturity to act appropriately chagrined. Instead, they’ll probably just whine some more about how Erickson is such a horrible person for being MEAN and hurting their poor little feelings. After all, whining is the only thing they know how to do, right?

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