TN. School Removes More Than 40 Girls Because They Say LEGGINGS Are ‘Distracting’ To Male Students

TN. School Removes More Than 40 Girls Because They Say LEGGINGS Are ‘Distracting’ To Male Students

While most of us can agree that students should attempt to dress modestly in an educational setting, the question remains that how far is too far? Female students are being subjected to increasingly restrictive dress codes, with the reasoning being that “male students are distracted” by the female body. Should be be giving the males in our society more credit, or should we be forcing females to wear more and more clothing to accommodate their hormones?


From The Daily Mail:

Parents of students at a Tennessee high school have been left furious after more than 40 female pupils were taken out of their classes and reprimanded for wearing leggings, sparking a furious online outcry from adults and pupils alike.

Ashton Cable, an 18-year-old student at Mt. Juliet High School in Tennessee, told News 2 that she and many other students found in violation of the school’s dress code – which permits leggings, but only with ‘appropriate dresses, skirts or shorts’ – were told to ‘sit in the cafeteria’ or ‘go home and change’.

‘When I walked in, there was at least 50 or so girls standing around wearing all types of outfits of all different sorts,’ she said. ‘So it wasn’t just me. It happened to a lot of other girls too.’

Rather than sit and suffer in silence, Mt. Juliet students – and in many cases, their parents – were soon taking to Twitter to express their outrage using the hashtag #FreeTheLeggings.

‘This is stupid,’ one female student tweeted. ‘The faculty at MJ cared more about girls wearing leggings than our education #freetheleggings.’

Another asked: ‘So is the school now gonna take me shopping for a new wardrobe? Please do. Because all of my clothes involve leggings.. #FreeTheLeggings [sic].’

And one young woman hand wrote a two-page letter expressing her frustration with the school’s policy, explaining that she chooses to wear leggings because they are comfortable, and she does better on tests when she feels at ease.

‘You are sending girls (and maybe boys too) to ISS? So you are taking away their chances to learn for what they are wearing? What we’ve been wearing all year? Why?’ she asked.

She went on to say that it is unfair to say all young men are distracted by leggings, arguing that some guys check out women no matter what they are wearing.

‘I’m wearing jeans and I have caught boys staring at my butt,’ she wrote. ‘The administration is distracting the school more with this whole leggings fiasco.’

And not all the protesters are students. Donald Abels, a coordinator at Middle Tennessee State University, tweeted: ‘Mt. Juliet is basically encouraging victim blaming and slut shaming. “Dress appropriately or you’ll get raped.” #itsonus #FreeTheLeggings.’

I was a female student in a public school not that long ago, so I understand how some aspects of the dress code seem unfair and unnecessary, but how far is it going to go? Are our girls going to have to dress in burkas soon so as to keep from “distracting” male students? Bottom line, boys, especially the teenage ones, are going to look at girls regardless of what they’re wearing; it’s biology. Why should we force our female students to accommodate them, even when the clothes they’re wearing aren’t revealing?

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