UC Berkeley SNOWFLAKES Create Campus Map Showing Where Students Have Cried And Why

UC Berkeley SNOWFLAKES Create Campus Map Showing Where Students Have Cried And Why

UC Berkeley’s student newspaper is telling the world what a bunch of crybabies they have on campus.

In a new interactive map produced by the student paper, the Daily Californian, browsers will be able to see the over 360 spots on campus where students have cried. This is intended to be a paper edition that focuses on mental health, but just makes them look mental. They could’ve highlighted quieter areas of campus that would help students with anxiety, but instead they asked everyone to submit the times that they’ve cried on campus, so it can be shown off to the whole world.

Browsing the map, here are some of the reasons people have cried:

  • Fainted while being seen by a doctor for a prescription for birth control.
  • Boyfriend flaked out on a “hang out.”
  • “[A student] told me I was smelly and worthless. She doesn’t seem like she is from around here. I think she’s an international student from China with major princess syndrome (One Child policy?) I used to have tons of international friends in community college. Now, it seems like they really look down on people native to here.”
  • Brother’s girlfriend died from “birth control complications.”
  • Couldn’t solve a math problem.
  • “Existential dread.”
  • Friend left her at a frat party, so she ran drunk into the streets to cry.
  • Her sorority, where the other women “no longer supported” her pursuit of a PhD after she finished her undergrad.
  • Dog died (okay, that one makes sense, RIP puppy).

In the spring of 2016, we wrote that the campus would be cutting 500 jobs when the minimum wage in California was raised to $15 per hour. It was only one week after Gov. Jerry Brown signed the “Fighting for Fifteen” bill into law when the Berkeley Chancellor sent out a memo to staffers saying that 500 of them would be gone soon. Before the bill was signed, the university’s Center for Labor Research lauded the bill, saying that a hike in the minimum wage would be helpful to low-income households. The Center’s chairman, Ken Jacobs, said that it’s a “very big deal for low-wage workers in California,” but I guess I didn’t realize that it would also be a very big deal for the 500 fellow employees who would be losing their jobs after the hike passed into law. So far, I haven’t found any spots on the map where UC Berkeley employees were crying because they lost their jobs, it’s all just students being upset.

If you want to browse the map, it’s available at the Daily Californian and will keep you clicking for hours.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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