University of North Dakota Offers Student Housing Dedicated Entirely to Moonbattery

University of North Dakota Offers Student Housing Dedicated Entirely to Moonbattery

These days the college campus experience should be plenty progressive enough for most. But some thirst for an even greater concentration of moonbattery. The University of North Dakota obliges with “a specialized housing community dedicated entirely to social justice”:

The Social Justice Living-Learning Community is “designed for students who are involved in promoting a more inclusive and just society,” and promises to provide such students with opportunities for “creating and leading positive social change.”

For now, the LLC website has no specific schedule of events, but it appears that social justice may involve indulging in abnormal sex acts:

Cheryl Terrance, faculty advisor of the UND Ten Percent Society (TPS), a student support group for the “GLBTQQIA community,” told Campus Reform that the LLC was developed by the school’s housing office, but predicted that social justice-oriented student groups such as TPS would likely be involved in programming efforts.

Even the names of these organizations are lies. Presumably “Ten Percent Society” is meant to imply that 10% of us identify as perverts. The actual number is far lower (1.6% of adults are homosexual per government data). But social justice warriors are working on that.

GLBTQQIA stands for “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, queer, allied, and asexual.” Why someone who is asexual would want to hang out with people whose entire self-images hinge on engaging in deviant sexual behavior is unclear.

The LGBTQIAPD community may also get involved.


Hat tip: Canon212. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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