University of Colorado Moonbats Use School Funds to Put Up Racially Offensive Posters

Evidently campus cultural Marxists are getting tired of staging hoaxes in order to create the racial obnoxiousness they want whites to be held guilty of, but that is almost never seen (racial obnoxiousness directed at whites doesn’t count). In an almost comically desperate attempt to stoke grievances, they are openly disseminating the hate speech they decry:

A student-run campaign at the University of Colorado is trying to fight bias-related harassment by posting 500 fliers across campus targeting people’s identities in intentionally offensive ways.

The signs that attack people’s race, religion and sexual identity have been posted all over campus and were approved and paid for by the university, which has a 21 per cent minority population.

‘People need to see the ugliness of it and confront it directly before we can change,’ Assistant Vice Chancellor Bronson Hilliard told CBS.

Everything with liberals is about getting us to change. It seems they don’t like us much the way we are, so we must be “fundamentally transformed.” How the posters will accomplish this is unclear.

Phrases used include “Go back to Africa” and “Your mom must be the janitor ’cause that’s the only job for dirty Mexicans.” Other preferred groups coming under assault from their own advocates include Arabs and sexually perplexed persons.

‘We want students to be uncomfortable,’ senior Judewon Kebede, who helped make the signs, told CBS. ‘We are telling you, “This is not OK, these narratives that people have been told are not OK”.’

So that’s why they are doing it. Because it is not okay.

Kebede said the ‘Go back to Africa’ message hits the hardest because it related directly to his identity. ‘I’ve been uncomfortable being told that,’ he said.

The posters also provide a website where students can report politically incorrect statements like those featured on the posters themselves.

You would need a PhD in victimology to understand how these activities could possibly be construed as constructive.

Tuition fees and tax dollars at work.

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