VIDEO: High School Principal Body Slammed in Student Fight, 3 Arrested

Gosh, one wonders why that school resource officer, who naturally was fired after video of him giving a disruptive student the bum’s rush from a South Carolina classroom, would have been so rude.

Maybe this is why

Three Florin High School students were taken to juvenile hall after a wild fight in which the school’s principal was body-slammed.

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The chaotic scene played out during lunchtime Monday on the south-area campus.

A fight broke out, drawing a school resource police officer, a school official and Principal Don Ross. Students gathered around, at least one recording the melee on a cellphone, as officials tried to break up the fight.

After trying to restrain a tall student, Ross was thrown to the floor. Undeterred, Ross got back up and tried to prevent the student from fighting again.

The fight, including the efforts of Ross, who officials said was not badly hurt during the altercation, was posted on YouTube.

And now, some video – because what people do now when there is a fight is film it with their smart phone and post it to social media rather than actually attempt to step in and put a stop to it…

Apparently the fight resulted from some hateful grudge the students in question bore toward one another.

That, and a stupidity which not even juvenile hall is likely to correct.

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