VIDEO: Liberal Protestors Fail To Stifle Conservative Speech – Do THIS Instead

VIDEO: Liberal Protestors Fail To Stifle Conservative Speech – Do THIS Instead

Poor abused babies! Penn State students threw a rip-roaring fit because legendary conservative, Ben Shapiro, spoke on their campus. The horror! They resorted to aggressive chanting, defacing flyers and throwing paper on the floor. What are we, five? Unfortunately for these precious snowflakes, Shapiro’s appearance was packed before they even got there. Heh. So, they gathered outside the room and began chanting in a hostile manner. Yeah, that’s pro-active and so ineffective. These are the Black Lives Matter zombies in action. They started shouting ‘shut it down!’ Once again, these fascists show they are for shutting down free speech and censoring anyone who doesn’t agree with their racist, violent view on life. How typical.

Ben Shapiro

From Campus Reform:

Unable to prevent Ben Shapiro from speaking at Penn State despite aggressive chanting, student protesters vented their frustrations by defacing flyers and throwing paper on the floor.

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Hundreds of students showed up to attend the Wednesday night event hosted by Young America’s Foundation, leaving no room in the lecture hall to accommodate late-arriving protesters who had apparently planned to disrupt Shapiro’s address.

Video footage obtained by Campus Reform shows that rather than dispersing, the activists congregated just outside the room and began loudly chanting a series of increasingly hostile chants.

They started with a chant of “black lives matter,” which quickly petered out, prompting Shapiro to suggest that they should instead devote their resources to places “where black people are being killed, mainly by other black people in the inner city.”

Next, the protesters tried a different approach, chanting, “shut it down!” While the second chant proved more durable, it also provided Shapiro with an opportunity to contrast their professed desire for diversity with their desire to shut down “the one guy who has a diverse viewpoint,” adding that “they’re proving my point.”

At one point the protesters issued a demand to “let us in,” to which Shapiro responded, succinctly but memorably, “no.” “I find it astonishing when people decide to yell outside,” he told the audience, assuring them that “the attempt to shut down open debate is the mark of ideological fascists.” The protesters stayed put even after the lecture. They didn’t physically confront those attending as they left, but they did try to intimidate them. They then defaced promo materials on the table outside the event. They wrote deep intellectual phrases such as “Heil Shapiro!” on a pic of Ben. Then they covered his picture with swastikas and drew a crappy Hitler mustache on the photo. I especially like the Ronald Reagan flyer that they defaced by writing: “I was a racist bigot,” on it. How the hell did these morons get into Penn State? Shapiro took the disruptions in stride, saying they were “nothing” compared to the demonstrations at Cal State, which were “almost a riot.” “It makes them feel good, this sense of victimhood…doing violence to your political opponent,” he concluded resignedly, asking, “do they assign homework at this school?” Probably and degrees. Employers… consider the source.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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