WATCH: Here’s What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Betsy DeVos Was Confirmed

WATCH: Here’s What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Betsy DeVos Was Confirmed

Democrats have fought Betsy DeVos’ appointment as head of the Department of Education tooth and nail. They argued that she was unqualified, slammed her for donating money to Republicans and tried to prevent the vote from taking place. But it didn’t work — DeVos was still confirmed. And liberals lost their minds.

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The vote to confirm DeVos was not without drama on its own. The vote went mostly along party lines in the Senate, at an even 50-50. Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the deciding vote and of course, he voted to confirm her. It took just minutes for liberals to begin complaining.

Chuck Schumer whined that the vote showed this was a “rigged cabinet” because Pence cast the tie-breaking vote for the administration’s nominee. Cory Booker urged people to keep fighting:

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The outrage continued on Twitter:



CNN, meanwhile, had a rather hysterical reaction:


Conservatives didn’t hold back from mocking the whiny liberals:


Liberals are really going to just have to get used to things not going their way. There are four more years of this, at least, and like it or not, their side lost. Losing their minds every time the administration does something they disagree with is simply not good for their health.

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