Wednesday Stupid: John Kerry On AGW And The State Of Higher Education

When you really, really, really need someone to write something incredibly stupid, John Kerry is available

We begin not just by curbing man-made carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change at an alarming rate but by also establishing incentives for private investment in clean energy technology industries. Over the next 10 years, those investments can create as many as 1.9 million jobs, increase household incomes by up to $1,175 a year and boost the gross domestic product as much as $111 billion.

Yet, so far, they have been a disaster, as have the “green” initiatives from the Democrats idiotic Stimulus legislation. Maybe, perhaps, Senator Waffles, we could spend more time on actual environmental issues, what say?

This is a national security imperative. And, as we make the transition to a clean energy economy, we will reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources, a dependence that now takes almost $500 billion a year out of our economy – about $1,400 a year for every man, woman and child in America – and ships it to too many countries that don’t share our values. In the long run, it imposes an onerous and unsustainable burden on the men and women of our armed forces who are deployed to protect our national security.

Say, I have an idea: let’s drill for our own oil on our own property. If you are so concerned about foreign oil, how about pushing the president to allow drilling and actual permits for almost all our areas with oil?

For nearly half a century, we were willing to pay any price and bear any burden to win the Cold War. The threat from Soviet nuclear warheads was a clear and present danger in our lives.

And there we go, we have a winner for the dumbest statement of the week by a politician!

Look, I agree that we do need to look towards cleaner, renewable sources. I am all for wind, nuclear, solar, geothermal, and water methods. I’d like to see more research, and, more important, implementation of these methods where possible. But, to link them to a fake science is ridiculous. If these Democrats had any brains (they’d be conservatives), they would wrap this issue not around AGW, but around reducing costs and cleaning the environment. I think most of us could back that, if it was done wisely. Positively incent companies to compete for the best ideas. The last thing we need is yet another climahypocrite, with all his cars and mansions, telling us how to live our lives.

UFO studies should be ‘legitimate university subject’, claims American professor.

The studing of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena from space should be a legitimate university subject, an American professor, Philip Haseley, has claimed.

The Niagara County Community College, a state university in New York, lecturer said due to the high amount of sightings every year, it should follow that students should be able to investigate phenomenon.

Is it any wonder why so many college graduates have no viable real world working skills?

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